Capability Brown
by Mark J. Moerman and Ronald P. Kane

Capability Brown was a band of 6 multi-instrumentalists with terrific vocal harmonies who were equally at home with short, snappy, should-have-been-hit pop songs as they were with complex extended pieces. Their skill at vocal arrangements alone should have garnered them success.

Tony Ferguson: vocals, guitar, bass, flute, pedal steel
Dave Nevin: vocals, guitar, bass, recorder, mellotron, synthesizer, percussion, vibes
Roger Willis: vocals, drums, piano, harmonica
Grahame White: vocals, guitar, lute, balalaika, keyboards
Kenny Rowe: vocals, bass, percussion
Joe Williams: vocals, percussion

The nucleus of the group had previously recorded several singles for RCA as Harmony Grass, and some members were also in a group called Fuzzy Duck (one LP for MAM Records UK). After their Charisma days, they made two albums as Krazy Kat for Mountain Records. Kenny Rowe had one solo single on Charisma, Jesus/Water Song (CB 219).

Another Charisma connection with Capability Brown was that they covered songs by other Charisma artists, Rare Bird (Sympathy) and Lindisfarne (Wake Up Little Sister). Other covers include songs by Steely Dan (Midnight Cruiser) and Russ Ballardís Liar, an early Argent track made famous in the US by Three Dog Night.

Their first album From Scratch has never been released on CD, and the second album Voice was available only briefly from Japan in the early 90s and is long out of print.

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