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CB 389-12Afraid of MiceIntercontinental / Have A Nice Day / What Shall We Do1981Y
CB 398-12Afraid of MiceAt The Club / My Dog Likes Music / I Will Wait (live)1982Y
BANKS 12Tony BanksThis Is Love / Charm1983Y
CB 426-12Tony Banks & FishShortcut To Somewhere / Smilin' Jack Casey / K21986Y
CB 340-12Brand XSoho / Noddy Goes to Sweden / Poolroom Blues1979Y
CB 370-12Peter GabrielBiko / Shosholoza / Jetzt Kommt Die Flut8/80Y
SHOCK 12Peter GabrielShock the Monkey / Soft Dog9/82Y
GAB 12Peter GabrielI Don't Remember (live) / Solsbury Hill (live) / Kiss of Life (live)6/83Y
GAB 122Peter GabrielGames Without Frontiers (live) / Schnappschuss (Ein Familienfoto)
White label 12" given away with initial copies of GAB 12
RAD 10Peter GabrielSpecial DJ Selection From Peter Gabriel Plays Live: I Don't Remember / Solsbury Hill / Humdrum / On the Air (promo)1983Y
CB 391-12GenesisKeep It Dark / Naminanu / Abacab10/81Y
MAMA 1-12GenesisMama / It's Gonna Get Better (long versions)8/83Y
TATA 1-12GenesisThat's All / Taking It All Too Hard / Firth of Fifth (live)11/83Y
AL 1-12GenesisIllegal Alien / Turn It On Again (extended live version)2/84Y
CB 341-12Steve HackettClocks-The Angel of Mons / Acoustic Set (live) / Tiger Moth (live)1979Y
CELL 12Steve HackettCell 151 / The Air-Conditioned Nightmare (live) / Time Lapse at Milton Keynes3/83Y
CELL 13Steve HackettClocks-The Angel of Mons / Acoustic Set (live) / Tiger Moth(live)
Reissue of CB 341-12 given away with initial copies of CELL 12
CB 332-12Hawklords (Hawkwind)25 Years / Only the Dead Dreams of the Cold War Kid / PXR 51979Y
PJ 12Phil JonesThis Mirror / How Would You Feel1983N
CB 421-12Keep It DarkDreamer / Outsider / What Do We Need1986Y
CB 422-12Keep It DarkDon't Surrender / Far From Home / It's Over1986Y
JL 112Julian LennonToo Late For Goodbyes / Big Mama / Well I Don't Know9/84Y
JL 212Julian LennonValotte / Let Me Be / Bebop12/84Y
JL 312Julian LennonSay You're Wrong / BeBop / Too Late For Goodbyes (extended version)2/85Y
CB 420-12Julian LennonStick Around (2 versions) / Always Think Twice1986Y
CB 423-12Julian LennonThis Is My Day (2 versions) / Everyday1986Y
JACK 1-12Jackie LevenLove Is Shining Down On Me / Great Spirit Calls / Mindless Sweethearts Underground1983Y
JACK 2-12Jackie LevenUptown / Tropic of Cool / Beautiful Train1984Y
MALC 1-12Malcolm McLarenBuffalo Gals (scratch) / Buffalo Gals / Buffalo Gals (trad. square)11/82Y
MALC 2-12Malcolm McLarenSoweto / Zulu's on a Time Bomb / D'Ya Like Scratchin'?2/83Y
MALC 3-12Malcolm McLarenDouble Dutch / She's Looking Like A Hobo / D'Ya Like Scratchin'?6/83Y
MALC 4-12Malcolm McLarenDuck For The Oyster / Legba / Hobo Scratch12/83Y
MALC 5-12Malcolm McLarenMadam Butterfly / First Couple Out8/84Y
MALC 6-12Malcolm McLarenCarmen / Death of Butterfly / Carmen (instrumental)1984Y
MALC 7-12Malcolm McLarenDuck Rock Cheer / Boys Chorus1985Y
CB 410-12The OppositionMy Room Is White / Life's Blood / Breaking The Silence / Waiting1984Y
OPPS 1-12The OppositionStranded / Shadow Boxing / Waiting for the Change / Factory Gate1984Y
OPPS 2-12The OppositionInnocent / War Games / Small Talk1984Y
OPPS 3-12The OppositionFive Minutes / Sand and Glue / I Became A New Man1984Y
OPPS 4-12The OppositionSomeone to Talk To / Passing By / If She'd Only Heard of Ray Charles1985Y
RAY 1-12Mercy RayYou Really Got To Me / I Wanna Know Your Name1983Y
CB 416-12Mercy RayShe'll Be Home Later Tonight (2 versions) / She's Happy1985Y
RCS 1-12Rock Steady CrewHey You, The Rock Steady Crew / (instrumental version)9/83Y
RCS 2-12Rock Steady CrewUp Rock / (instrumental version)4/84Y
RCS 3-12Rock Steady CrewShe's Fresh / Digital Boogie / She's Fresh (remix)8/84N
CAFE 12Sad CafeKeep Us Together / Hold Out / Love Will Survive (live) / My Oh My (live)1983Y
CAFE 2-12Sad CafeWhy Do You Love Me Like You Do (2 versions) / It's So Easy1984Y
CB 424-12Twelfth NightShame (2 versions) / Blue Powder Monkey1986Y
CB 425-12Twelfth NightTake A Look (2 versions) / Blondon Fair1986Y
CB 355-12VivabeatMan From China (remix) / On Patrol1980Y
TEAM 1-12World's Famous Supreme TeamHey DJ2/84Y

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