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Charisma CAS Series (1969-86)
This series was begun by Charisma's original distributor, B&C Records. The two labels shared the series until late 1971. The "?" Column indicates whether or not I have a copy of the record in my collection (Yes/No).

CAS 1001Merrill MooreTree Top Tall (B&C label)1969N/RY
CAS 1002Dion & The BelmontsTogether Again (B&C)1969ABCY
CAS 1003Pacific Gas & ElectricGet It On (B&C)1969PowerY
CAS 1004Victims of Chance
(Not released with this number; issued instead as Stable/B&C SLE 8004)
See NEWS page for details and pictures.
Victims of Chance
(originally planned for B&C -- CAS 1004 is scratched out in the groove runoff)
CAS 1005Rare BirdRare Bird11/69ProbeY
CAS 1006Unknown(probably B&C)--N
CAS 1007Van der Graaf GeneratorThe Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other1/70ProbeY
CAS 1008The Group Image
(Not released with this number; issued instead as Stable/B&C SLE 8005)
A Mouth In The Clouds
(originally planned for B&C -- CAS 1008 is scratched out in the groove runoff)
CAS 1008Joseph EgerClassical Heads3/70ProbeY
CAS 1009Gordon TurnerMeditation3/70N/RY
CAS 1010Atomic RoosterAtomic Roooster (B&C)5/70ElektraY
CAS 1011Rare BirdAs Your Mind Flies By9/70ABCY
CAS 1012AudienceFriend's Friend's Friend5/70N/RY
CAS 1013unknown---N
CAS 1014The NiceFive Bridges5/70MercuryY
CAS 1015Keith ChristmasFable of the Wings (B&C)1970PolydorY
CAS 1016Harold McNairThe Fence (B&C)1970N/RY
CAS 1017Trevor BillmussFamily Apology9/70N/RY
CAS 1018Jackson HeightsKing Progress10/70MercuryY
CAS 1019Shelagh McDonaldAlbum (B&C)1970N/RY
CAS 1020GenesisTrespass10/70ImpulseY
CAS 1021Brian Davison's Every Which WayBrian Davison's Every Which Way9/70MercuryY
CAS 1022HannibalHannibal (B&C)1970Ampex?Y
CAS 1023Carol Grimes & DeliveryFool's Meeting (B&C)1970N/RY
CAS 1024SteamhammerMountains (B&C)1970Capitol?Y
CAS 1025LindisfarneNicely Out Of Tune10/70ElektraY
CAS 1026Atomic RoosterDeath Walks Behind You (B&C)12/70ElektraY
CAS 1027Van der Graaf GeneratorH To He, Who Am The Only One11/70DunhillY
CAS 1028EveryoneEveryone (B&C)1971AmpexY
CAS 1029Steeleye SpanPlease to See the King (B&C)3/71Big TreeY
CAS 1030The NiceElegy4/71MercuryY
CAS 1031GinhouseGinhouse (B&C)1971N/RY
CAS 1032AudienceThe House on the Hill4/71ElektraY
CAS 1033Marc EllingtonRains/Reins of Changes (B&C)1971AmpexY
CAS 1034Andy RobertsHome Grown (B&C)1971AmpexY
CAS 1035Tim Hart & Maddy PriorSummer Solstice (B&C)1971N/R?Y
CAS 1036Birth ControlBirth Control5/71AmpexY
CAS 1037Peter HammillFool's Mate6/71CharismaY
CAS 1038Wishful ThinkingHiroshima (B&C)1971AmpexY
CAS 1039AtacamaAtacama6/71N/RY
CAS 1040Leigh StephensLeigh Stephens And A Cast of Thousands8/71PhilipsY
CAS 1041Keith ChristmasPygmy (B&C)1971PolydorY
CAS 1042SpirogyraSt. Radigunds (B&C)1971N/RY
CAS 1043Shelagh McDonaldStargazer (B&C)1971N/RY
CAS 1044Paul KentPaul Kent (B&C)1971N/RY
CAS 1045Harold McNairHarold McNair
(Last B&C LP in CAS series)
CAS 1046Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick
(Not released with this number; issued instead as Pegasus PEG6)
(originally planned for B&C -- CAS 1046 is scratched out in the groove runoff)
CAS 1047Shirley Collins/Albion Country Band
(Not released with this number; issued instead as Pegasus PEG7)
No Roses
(originally planned for B&C -- CAS 1047 is scratched out in the groove runoff)
CAS 1048Unknown---N
CAS 1049Monty PythonAnother Monty Python Record10/71CharismaY
CAS 1050LindisfarneFog on the Tyne9/71ElektraY
CAS 1051Van der Graaf GeneratorPawn Hearts10/71CharismaY
CAS 1052GenesisNursery Cryme10/71CharismaY
CAS 1053Bell + ArcBell + Arc11/71ColumbiaY
CAS 1054AudienceLunch2/72ElektraY
CAS 1055SpreadeagleThe Piece of Paper4/72CharismaY
CAS 1056Capability BrownFrom Scratch4/72CharismaY
CAS 1057LindisfarneDingly Dell9/72ElektraY
CAS 1058GenesisFoxtrot9/72CharismaY
CAS 1059Bo HanssonLord of the Rings9/72CharismaY
CAS 1060AtacamaAs The Sun Burns Up Above9/72N/RY
CAS 1061Graham BellGraham Bell1/73N/RY
CAS 1062String Driven ThingString Driven Thing10/72CharismaY
CAS 1063Monty PythonMonty Python's Previous Record12/72CharismaY
CAS 1064Jo'burg HawkJo'burg Hawk1/73N/RY
CAS 1065Darien SpiritElegy to Marilyn4/73N/RY
CAS 1066Clifford T. WardHome Thoughts4/73CharismaY
CAS 1067Peter HammillChameleon in the Shadow of the Night 4/73N/RY
CAS 1068Capability BrownVoice7/73PassportY
CAS 1069Alan HullPipe Dream7/73ElektraY
CAS 1070String Driven ThingThe Machine That Cried8/73CharismaY
CAS 1071Hot Thumbs O'RileyHot Thumbs O'Riley7/73N/RY
CAS 1072Le OrmeFelona & Sorona7/73N/RY
CAS 1073Bo HanssonMagician's Hat9/73CharismaY
CAS 1074GenesisSelling England by the Pound9/73CharismaY
CAS 1075Unknown---N
CAS 1076LindisfarneRoll On Ruby11/73ElektraY
CAS 1077Clifford T. WardMantle Pieces11/73CharismaY
CAS 1078Various ArtistsThe Parlour Song Book11/73N/RY
CAS 1079Doggerel BankSilver Faces10/73N/RY
CAS 1080Monty PythonThe Monty Python Matching Tie & Handkerchief11/73AristaY
CAS 1081Unknown---N
CAS 1082National Youth Jazz OrchestraNational Youth Jazz Orchestra10/73N/RY
CAS 1083Peter HammillThe Silent Corner and the Empty Stage 2/74N/RY
CAS 1084Robert John GodfreyThe Fall of Hyperion3/74N/RY
CAS 1085Jack the LadJack the Lad3/74ElektraY
CAS 1086Sir John BetjemanBetjeman's Banana Blush3/74N/RY
CAS 1087RefugeeRefugee3/74CharismaY
CAS 1088Bernard Haitink/Concertgebouw OrchestraMahler - Original Soundtrack4/74N/RY
CAS 1089Peter HammillIn Camera8/74N/RY
CAS 1090Bert JanschL.A. Turnaround9/74Kicking MuleY
CAS 1091Gary ShearstonDingo9/74AntillesY
CAS 1092UnicornBlue Pine Trees9/74CapitolY
CAS 1093Unknown---N
CAS 1094Jack the LadThe Old Straight Track10/74N/RY
CAS 1095G.T. Moore & the Reggae GuitarsG.T. Moore & the Reggae Guitars10/74MercuryY
CAS 1096Sir John BetjemanLate Flowering Love11/74N/RY
CAS 1097String Driven ThingPlease Mind Your Head11/7420th CenturyY
CAS 1098Clifford T. WardEscalator3/75N/RY
CAS 1099Peter HammillNadir's Big Chance2/75N/RY
CAS 1100Unknown---N
CAS 1101Various ArtistsBeyond An Empty Dream4/75N/RY
CAS 1102Doggerel BankMr Skillicorn Dances4/75N/RY
CAS 1103Monty PythonThe Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail8/75AristaY
CAS 1104Howard Werth & The MoonbeamsKing Brilliant9/75RocketY
CAS 1105G.T. Moore & the Reggae GuitarsReggae Blue9/75N/RY
CAS 1106Gary ShearstonThe Greatest Stone on Earth and other Two Bob Wonders9/75N/RY
CAS 1107Bert JanschSanta Barbara Honeymoon10/75Kicking MuleY
CAS 1108LindisfarneFinest Hour10/75N/RY
CAS 1109Van der Graaf GeneratorGodbluff10/75MercuryY
CAS 1110Jack the LadRough Diamond10/75N/RY
CAS 1111Steve HackettVoyage of the Acolyte11/75ChrysalisY
CAS 1112String Driven ThingKeep Yer 'and On It1/7620th CenturyY
CAS 1113Bo HanssonAttic Thoughts1/76SireY
CAS 1114Robert MacLeodBetween the Poppy and the Snow3/76N/RY
CAS 1115Unknown---N
CAS 1116Van der Graaf GeneratorStill Life4/76MercuryY
CAS 1117Brand XUnorthodox Behaviour5/76PassportY
CAS 1118Chris WhiteMouth Music9/76N/RY
CAS 1119R.D. LivingstoneHome From Home9/76N/RY
CAS 1120Van der Graaf GeneratorWorld Record10/76MercuryY
CAS 1121Paul RyanScorpio Rising10/76N/RY
CAS 1122A.F.T.Automatic Fine Tuning10/76N/RY
CAS 1123Barry HumphriesHousewife Superstar10/76N/RY
CAS 1124Adrian WagnerInstincts3/77N/RY
CAS 1125Peter HammillOver3/77N/RY
CAS 1126Brand XMorroccan Roll4/77PassportY
CAS 1127Bert JanschA Rare Conundrum4/77Kicking MuleY
CAS 1128Joseph Eger/London Philharmonic Orchestra20th Century Classics: Shostakovich7/77N/RN
CAS 1129Joseph Eger/London Philharmonic Orchestra20th Century Classics: Stravinsky7/77N/RY
CAS 1130Sir John BetjemanBetjeman's Britain5/77N/RY
CAS 1131Van der GraafThe Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome9/77N/RY
CAS 1132Bo HanssonMusic Inspired by Watership Down9/77SireY
CAS 1133Pacific Eardrum Pacific Eardrum 10/77N/RY
CAS 1134Monty PythonThe Monty Python Instant Record11/77AristaY
CAS 1135Adrian WagnerThe Last Inca4/78N/RY
CAS 1136Pacific Eardrum Beyond Panic8/78N/RY
CAS 1137Peter HammillThe Future Now9/78CharismaY
CAS 1138Brand XMasques9/78PassportY
CAS 1139Vivian StanshallSir Henry at Rawlinson's End10/78N/RY
CAS 1140Barry HumphriesThe Sound of Edna11/78N/RY
CAS 1141R.D. LaingLife Before Death11/78N/RY
CAS 1142Blue MaxBlue Max11/78N/RY
CAS 1143Link WrayBullshot1979VisaY
CAS 1144DarlingPut It Down to Experience6/79CharismaY
CAS 1145Dazzlers
(Not released with this number; issued instead as Charisma CLASS 7)
Feeling Free
(this information per the Charisma boxed set)
CAS 1146Peter HammillpH710/79CharismaY
CAS 1147Brand XProduct10/79PassportY
CAS 1148Tony BanksA Curious Feeling10/79CharismaY
CAS 1149Mike RutherfordSmallcreep's Day2/80PassportY
CAS 1150PhoenixIn Full View2/80N/RY
CAS 1151Brand XDo They Hurt?5/80PassportY
CAS 1152Monty PythonMonty Python's Contractual Obligation Album10/80AristaY
CAS 1153Vivian StanshallTeddy Boys Don't Knit6/81N/RY
CAS 1154Sir John BetjemanVarsity Rag9/81N/RY
CAS 1155Afraid of MiceAfraid of Mice12/81N/RY
CAS 1156Unknown---N
CAS 1157John ArlottJohn Arlott Talks Cricket6/82N/RY
CAS 1158Michael NymanThe Draughtman's Contract - Original Soundtrack1/83VareseY
CAS 1159Various ArtistsSongs for a Modern Church4/83N/RY
CAS 1160Peter O'SullevanPeter O'Sullevan Talks Turf5/83N/RY
CAS 1161The OppositionIntimacy6/83N/RY
CAS 1162Rick WakemanG'Ole! - Original Soundtrack4/83VareseY
CAS 1163Rick WakemanCost of Living10/83N/RY
CAS 1164UnityHeat Your Body Up10/83N/RY
CAS 1165Alexis KornerJuvenile Delinquent5/84N/RY
CAS 1166Peter HammillThe Love Songs9/84N/RY
CAS 1167Peter GabrielMusic from the Film Birdy3/85GeffenY
CAS 1168Mercy RaySwoop, Swoop, Rock, Rock4/85N/RY
CAS 1169World's Famous Supreme TeamRappin'1/86IslandY
CAS 1170Malcolm McLarenSwamp Thing1/86IslandY
CAS 1171Julian LennonThe Secret Value of Daydreaming2/86AtlanticY
CAS 1172Keep It DarkFirst Down & Ten2/86ElektraY
CAS 1173Tony BanksSoundtracks2/86AtlanticY
CAS 1174Twelfth NightTwelfth Night
(Standard sleeve; UK copies with this sleeve are quite rare.)
CASG 1174Twelfth NightTwelfth Night
(Gatefold sleeve; this version is much more common.)
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