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CB Singles

This series was begun by Charisma's original distributor, B&C Records. The two labels shared the series until mid-1972.
Where a specific month of release is noted, the information comes from one of various British music industry publications. Where a specific day of release is listed, it is taken from the label of a promotional copy of the single. These dates are listed the same way they appear, which is in the British style of day/month/year; i.e. "9.6.72" means June 9th, 1972.
The "?" Column indicates whether or not I have a copy of the record in my collection (Yes/No).

CB 100Merrill MooreSweet Mama Tree Top Tall / Little Green Apples (B&C label)1969Y
CB 101James CarrFreedom Train / That's The Way Love Turned Out For Me (B&C)1969Y
CB 102Bob & EarlDancin' Everywhere / Baby It's Over (B&C)1969Y
CB 103The KentuckiansPop-A-Top / How’d We Ever Get This Way (B&C)1969Y
CB 104Horace FaithSpinning Wheel / Like I Used To Do (B&C)1969Y
CB 105Jackie Lee & Dolores Hall
(Jackie Lee is a pseudonym for Earl Nelson of Bob & Earl)
Whether It’s Right Or Wrong / Baby I’m Satisfied (B&C)1969Y
CB 106Clyde McPhatterDenver / Tell Me (B&C)1969Y
CB 107Aaron NevilleTell It Like It Is / Why Worry (B&C)1969Y
CB 108Feathers (David Bowie)Ching-A-Ling Song / The Supermen (B&C)
(This is almost certainly a bootleg. My assumption is that there was also an official, as yet unknown CB 108.)
CB 108Unknown(B&C)-N
CB 109Unknown(B&C)-N
CB 110Don FoxYou Belong To My Heart / Once In A While (B&C)1969Y
CB 111Simon KYou Know I Do / Bring Your Love Back (B&C)1969N
CB 112The House of LordsIn The Land Of Dreams / Ain't Gonna Wait Forever (B&C)1969Y
CB 113GingerbreadHow Are You / Easy Girl (B&C)1969Y
CB 114Wild AngelsBuzz Buzz / Please Don't Touch (B&C)1969Y
CB 115Paul Gardner/Dry IceRunning To The Convent / Nowhere To Go (B&C)1969N
CB 116Topo D. BillWitchi-Tai-To/Jam1969Y
CB 117Jill DayI`ll Think About You / The Way Of Love (B&C)1969N
CB 118Johnny Arthey OrchestraSerenade To Summer / Star Shine (B&C)
This record was originally released as CB 118 and later reissued as CB 188. Scans of both labels forthcoming. Does anyone know why this record was reissued?
CB 119The ForumThe River Is Wide / I Fall In Love All Over Again (B&C)1969Y
CB 120Rare BirdSympathy / Devil's High Concern1/70Y
CB 121Atomic RoosterFriday the 13th / Banstead (B&C)1970Y
CB 122Van der Graaf GeneratorRefugees / Boat of Millions of Years1970Y
CB 123Wild AngelsSally Ann / Wrong Number Try Again (B&C)1970Y
CB 124Bennett & EvansNo, No, You Don't Know / The Path is Hard to Follow (B&C)1970N
CB 125Freddie Notes & the RudiesIt Came Out Of The Sky / Well Oh Well (B&C)1970N
CB 126AudienceBelladonna Moonshine / The Big Spell1970Y
CB 127Sweet SalvationHoney Man / Freedom City (B&C)1970N
CB 128Ray MorganThe Long and Winding Road / Sweetest Wine (B&C)7/70Y
CB 129Carol Grimes & DeliveryLucky Harry / Homemade Ruin (B&C)1970N
CB 130Trevor BillmussWhoops Amour / Sunday Afternoon in Belgrave Square1970Y
CB 131Atomic RoosterTomorrow Night / Play the Game (B&C)12/70Y
CB 132The NiceCountry Pie / One of Those People1970Y
CB 133FriendshipThe World Is Going To Be A Better Place / A Million Hearts (B&C)1970Y
CB 134Lewis RichThe Prophet / Freedom City (B&C)1970Y
CB 135Ray MorganBarefoot Days / Love Doesn't Change (B&C)1970Y
CB 136Sweet SalvationHoney Man / Crucifix, Swastika And Star (B&C)1970N
CB 137LindisfarneClear White Light / Knackers Yard Blues1970Y
CB 138Rare BirdWhat You Want To Know / Hammerhead1970Y
CB 139The WeathermenIt's the Same Old Song / Why Should I Fight (B&C)12/70Y
CB 140Ray MorganNo More Tears / Wheel Keeps Turning (B&C)1970N
CB 141AudienceIndian Summer / It Brings A Tear/Priestess1971Y
CB 142RedwoodDidn't I (Blow Your Mind) / Homemade Happy Day (B&C)1971Y
CB 143Unknown--N
CB 144Unknown--N
CB 145Wild AngelsThree Night A Week / Time To Kill (B&C)1971N
CB 146EveryoneTrouble At The Mill / Radio Lady (B&C)1971Y
CB 147The WeathermenHoney Bee(Keep On Stinging Me) / Anarchy Rock (B&C)1971Y
CB 148Emperor RoskoCustoms Man / Take It In Your Stride (B&C)1971Y
CB 149Arnold Corns (David Bowie) Moonage Daydream / Hang on to Yourself (B&C)1971N
CB 150Ray MorganLet's Fall In Love Again / The Path Is Hard To Follow (B&C)1971Y
CB 151BitchLaughing / House Where I Live (B&C)1971Y
CB 152GenesisThe Knife (Part 1) / The Knife (Part 2)1971Y
CB 153LindisfarneLady Eleanor / Nothing But the Marvelous is Beautiful1971; 5/72Y
CB 154The HerdYou’ve Got Me Hanging From Your Lovin’ Tree / I Don’t Wanna Go To Sleep Again (B&C)1971Y
CB 155Rock 'n Roll All-StarsBaby Can You Feel It / It Keeps Raining (B&C)1971Y
CB 156AudienceYou're Not Smiling / Eye to Eye1971Y
CB 157Atomic RoosterDevil's Answer / The Rock (B&C)1971Y
CB 158Trevor BillmussEnglish Pastures / Fishing Songs1971N
CB 159Gary CharlesYou've Been Away Too Long / Lovely Linda (B&C) 1971N
CB 160Jo TaylorThe Junkman's Serenade / You Fooled Me (B&C)1971Y
CB 161Marc EllingtonAlligator Man / Song For A Friend (B&C)1971Y
CB 162The WeathermenFine Together Stomp / Fred Parsons, Jim Flynn, Waxie Maxie, Lee Gopthal, Old Uncle Clive Crawley & All (B&C)1971Y
CB 163FriendshipStop Living Alone / Friends Make Living What It Is (B&C)1971Y
CB 164Steeleye SpanRave On / Reels / Female Drummer (B&C)1971Y
CB 165Paul KentDo You / Helpless Harry (B&C)1971N
CB 166Mother NatureOrange Days and Purple Nights / Where Did She Go (B&C)1971Y
CB 167Ray MorganFriend Lover Woman Wife / Burning Bridges (B&C)1971Y
CB 168Jawbone Jug BandJailhouse Rock / Jugband Music (B&C)1971Y
CB 169Wishful ThinkingLu La Le Lu / We're Gonna Change All This (B&C)1972Y
CB 170Bell + ArcShe Belongs To Me / Dawn1971Y
CB 171Rock 'n Roll All-StarsBoney Moronie-Get It On-Rip it Up / Bye Bye Love-Let's Work Together (B&C)1972Y
CB 172Jimmy JusticeEnglish Rose / Burgundy, Port & Red Wine (B&C)1972Y
CB 173LindisfarneMeet Me on the Corner / Scotch Mist / No Time To Lose1/72Y
CB 174Gary CharlesLove Into My Life / When You Run Out of Breath (B&C)1972N
CB 175Van der Graaf GeneratorTheme One / W1972Y
CB 176New York Public LibraryWhei Ling Ty Luu / Boozy Queen (B&C)25.2.72Y
CB 177Fickle PickleAmerican Pie / Blown Away (B&C)1972Y
CB 178Fickle PickleCalifornia Calling / Doctor Octopus (B&C)3.3.72Y
CB 179Rare BirdSympathy / Devil's High Concern / What You Want To Know / Hammerhead28.4.72Y
CB 180Martyn KayeChanges / Bad Bad Jo Jo (B&C)1972Y
CB 181GenesisHappy The Man / Seven Stones1971Y
CB 182Combined Supporters ClubWe Are The Champions, Part 1 / We Are The Champions, Part 2 (sing-along version) (B&C) (Produced by Mike Berry)1972Y
CB 183SpreadeagleHow Can We Be Lost / Nightmare9.6.72Y
CB 184Wishful ThinkingClear White Light / Hiroshima (B&C)1972Y
CB 185AudienceStand by the Door / Thunder and Lightning1972Y
CB 186Ray MorganLet's Go Where The Good Times Go / San Diego (B&C)1972N
CB 187A & A NorthRosemary / Travelling Band (B&C)1972N
CB 188Johnny Arthey OrchestraSerenade To Summertime / Star Shine (B&C)
This record was originally released as CB 118 and later reissued as CB 188. Scans of both labels forthcoming. Does anyone know why this record was reissued?
CB 189Arnold Corns (David Bowie)Hang on to Yourself / Man in the Middle (B&C)1972Y
CB 190JawboneGotta Go / Automobile Blues (B&C)1972Y
CB 191LindisfarneAll Fall Down / We Can Swing Together (live)9/72Y
CB 192Monty PythonSpam Song / The Concert1972Y
CB 193Capability BrownWake Up Little Sister / Windfall1972Y
CB 194Jo'burg HawkOrang Outang / Dark Side of the Moon1972Y
CB 195String Driven ThingEddie / Hooked on the Road27.10.72Y
CB 196AudienceRaviole / Hard Cruel World1972N
CB 197The GroupBovver Boys / Piraeus Football Club / An Open Letter to George Best3.11.72Y
CB 198Brother UniverseChristmas Carols / We Three Kings1972Y
CB 199LindisfarneCourt in the Act / Don't Ask Me17.11.72Y
CB 200Monty Python with Neil InnesEric the Half A Bee / We Love the Yangtze1972Y
CB 200Arnold Corns (David Bowie)Man in the Middle / Moonage Daydream / Hang on to Yourself (B&C)
(This is almost certainly a bootleg.)
CB 201Graham BellToo Many People / Before You're A Man10.11.72Y
CB 202Jo'burg HawkOrang Outang / Dark Side of the Moon2/73N
CB 203String Driven ThingCircus / My Real Hero2/73Y
CB 204Howard Werth (with Audience)You're Not Smiling / Raviole13.2.73Y
CB 205Clifford T. WardGaye / Home Thoughts From Abroad4/73Y
CB 206Jack the LadOne More Dance / Draught Genius(Polka)5/73Y
CB 207Capability BrownMidnight Cruiser / Silent Sound22.6.73Y
CB 208Alan HullNumbers / Drinking Song/One Off Pat6/73Y
CB 209Graham Bell60 Minute Man / The Whole Town Wants You Hung8/73Y
CB 210String Driven ThingAre You A Rock and Roller / Night Club8/73N
CB 211Alan HullJustAnotherSadSong / Waiting11.8.73Y
CB 212Clifford T. WardWherewithal / Thinking of Something To Do7.9.73Y
CB 213The CreationMaking Time / Painter Man9/73N
CB 214Various [Music From Free Creek]Lay Lady Lay / Erl's Shuffle9/73Y
CB 215String Driven ThingIt's A Game / Are You A Rock and Roller9/73Y
CB 216Darien SpiritMagic Morning Sun / For All The Years10/73N
CB 217Capability BrownLiar / Keep Death off the Road (Drive On The Pavement)
(Promo single has edited version of "Liar";
commercial single has complete album version)
CB 218Jack the LadWhy Can't I Be Satisfied / Make Me Happy11/73Y
CB 219Kenny RoweJesus / Water Song11/73Y
CB 220Doggerel BankTiny Seed of Love / Down on the Farm11/73Y
CB 221Clifford T. WardScullery / To An Air Hostess11/73Y
CB 222Darien SpiritMagic Morning Sun / Hennessy Gunn2/74Y
CB 223String Driven ThingI'll Sing One For You / To See You3/74Y
CB 224GenesisI Know What I Like / Twilight Alehouse1/74Y
CB 225Howard WerthLucinda / Jonah2/74Y
CB 226National Youth Jazz OrchestraGatecrasher / NYJO / Where's Yesterday2/74Y
CB 227Sir John BetjemanA Shropshire Lad / The Cockney Amorist3/74N
CB 228LindisfarneTaking Care of Business / North Country Boy3/74Y
CB 229The Friends of St. FrancisThe Man Who Turned on the World / How is the World Today?1974Y
CB 230Bo HanssonThe Black Riders-Flight to the Ford / Wandering Song31.5.74Y
CB 231UnicornOoh Mother / Bogtrotter6/74Y
CB 232LindisfarneFog on the Tyne / Mandolin King1974Y
CB 233Clifford T. WardJayne / Maybe I'm Right1974Y
CB 234Gary ShearstonI Get A Kick Out Of You / Witnessing9/74Y
CB 235Darien SpiritRock Your Soul / For All The Years1974Y
CB 236G.T. Moore & the Reggae GuitarsI'm Still Waiting / Judgement Day1974Y
CB 237GreepGemini / Tradition1974Y
CB 238GenesisCounting Out Time / Riding the Scree1974Y
CB 239String Driven ThingMrs. O'Reilly / Keep On Moving1974Y
CB 240Bert JanschIn the Bleak Midwinter / One For Jo1974Y
CB 241Gary ShearstonWithout A Song / Aborigine1974Y
CB 242Jack the LadHome Sweet Home / Big Ocean Liner1/75Y
CB 243Unknown--N
CB 244Chris & Pauline AdamsIf Only the Good Die Young / The City at Night1/75Y
CB 245Rikki Nadir (Peter Hammill)Birthday Special / Shingle Song1/75Y
CB 246Pierre CourLetter to a Teenage Bride / Love Letter 1975Y
CB 247String Driven ThingOverdrive / Timpani for the Devil2/75Y
CB 248Clifford T. WardJig Saw Girl / Cellophane3/75Y
CB 249Gary ShearstonDingo / Back of Beyond3/75N
CB 250Graham BellYou Need A 60 Minute Man / That's the Way It Is3/75Y
CB 251GenesisCarpet Crawlers / The Waiting Room (Evil Jam)4/75Y
CB 252Doggerel BankMr Skillicorn Dances / Shopping Around1975N
CB 253Jack the LadGentleman Soldier / Oakey Strike Evictions5/75Y
CB 254Sir John BetjemanLicorice Fields of Pontefract / In The Public Gardens5/75Y
CB 255UnicornI'll Believe In You(The Hymn) / Take It Easy5/75Y
CB 256Howard Werth & the MoonbeamsMidnight Flyer / Sammy Lee Lane6/75Y
CB 257Chris & Pauline AdamsDon't Make Me Fall / Nostalgia Is Not What It Used To Be6/75Y
CB 257Chris & Pauline AdamsDon't Make Me Fall / (Here Comes) The Crunch)6/75Y
The above single exists with two different B-sides. "(Here Comes) The Crunch" is a completely different recording and arrangement of the same song which appears as "The Crunch" on CB 271.
CB 258Unknown--N
CB 259Dennis NealCara Mia / Circus Riders1975Y
CB 260Unknown--N
CB 261Unknown--N
CB 262Rare BirdSympathy / Beautiful Scarlet1975Y
CB 263G.T. Moore & the Reggae GuitarsReggae Reggae / Otis Blue8/75Y
CB 264Jack the LadRocking Chair / My Friend The Drink10/75N
CB 265The MontanasLove Machine / Oh But I Love You10/75Y
CB 266LindisfarneLady Eleanor / Fog on the Tyne11/75Y
CB 267Bert JanschBuild Another Band / Dance Lady Dance11/75Y
CB 268Monty PythonLumberjack Song / Spam Song11/75Y
CB 269Howard Werth & the MoonbeamsDear Joan / Roulette11/75Y
CB 270Charlie DrakeYou Never Know / I'm Big Enough For Me11/75Y
CB 271Adams (Chris & Pauline)The Crunch / Hand the Rock On1/76Y
CB 272Chris WhiteSpanish Wine / She's Only Dancing1/76Y
CB 273Paul & AvisEvery Time You Touch My Hand / Make It4/76Y
CB 274SnapsDon't You Worry / Hard Lovin'1976Y
CB 275Tommy GossNever Gonna Need Your Love / I Can Hear The Music1976Y
CB 276String Driven ThingBut I Do / Stand Back in Amazement2/76Y
CB 277GenesisA Trick of the Tail / Ripples3/76Y
CB 278SludgeOut of Nowhere / Living On Borrowed Time4/76Y
CB 279Elmer Goodbody Jr.Do Ya / Mad About You4/76Y
CB 280Clifford T. WardHome Thoughts From Abroad / Where Would That Leave Me4/76N
CB 281Robert MacleodSing Bird Sing / Between the Poppy and the Snow4/76Y
CB 282Chris WhiteNatural Rhythm / Another Little Miracle5/76Y
CB 283Eddy PhillipsLimbo Jimbo / Change My Ways5/76Y
CB 284Bob Rowe's OMOSpace Hustle / Rio Convoy5/76Y
CB 285Paul & AvisKeep Movin' / Don't You Leave Me5/76Y
CB 286String Driven ThingCruel to Fool / Josephine6/76Y
CB 287Heads TogetherDisco Truckin' Mama / Do What You Wanna Do6/76Y
CB 288Dennis NealNothing Good Comes Easy / Move With The Light6/76Y
CB 289HawkwindKerb Crawler / Honky Dorky6/76Y
CB 290Robert MacleodWhen Love Goes / Blue Sky6/76Y
CB 291R.D. LivingstoneRoots Man / Mo' Roots6/76Y
CB 292R.D. LivingstoneLet's Tango / Midnight Inn6/76Y
CB 293Alan Parsons ProjectDr Tarr & Professor Fether / A Dream Within A Dream7/76Y
CB 294Chris WhiteDon't Look Down / Summertime Summertime8/76Y
CB 295Paul & AvisMaria Isabel / Shoog Shoog9/76Y
CB 296Paul RyanThe Day That Anastasia Romanoff Died / There Could Have Been Somebody9/76Y
CB 297Van der Graaf GeneratorWondering / Meurglys 11110/76Y
CB 298Alan Parsons ProjectTo One in Paradise / The Cask of Amontillado10/76Y
CB 299HawkwindBack on the Streets / The Dream of Isis1/77Y
CB 300GenesisYour Own Special Way / It's Yourself1/77Y
CB 301Peter GabrielSolsbury Hill / Moribund the Burgermeister3/77Y
CB 302Peter GabrielModern Love / Slowburn3/77Y
CB 303Chris WhiteDon't Worry Baby / Child of the Sun7/77Y
CB 304Patrick MorazTentacles / Kabala7/77Y
CB 305HawkwindQuark, Strangeness & Charm / The Forge of Vulcan7/77Y
CB 306Intergalactic Touring BandLove Station / Space Commando12/77Y
CB 307Intergalactic Touring BandStarship Jingle / Reaching Out1978Y
CB 308Isaac GuilloryLove's Revival / Ship in the Window1978Y
CB 309GenesisFollow You Follow Me / Ballad of Big3/78Y
CB 310Levinsky/Sinclair
(Does anyone know Levinsky's first name? see CB 345 & 404)
Disaster Movies / Riding on a Winner1978Y
CB 311Peter GabrielD.I.Y. / Perspective1978Y
CB 312Steve HackettHow Can I? / Kim1978Y
CB 313Adrian WagnerChasquis / Virgins of the Sun
(also released as AW 001 - can anyone definitively advise as to whether CB 313 was actually released?)
CB 314Pacific EardrumSitting on a Daisy / Crossin' Wires1978Y
CB 315GenesisMany Too Many/Vancouver / The Day The Lights Went Out1978Y
CB 316Levinsky SinclairLove on the Line / Riding on a Winner1978Y
CB 317Pacific EardumLove on a Merry-Go-Round / Nothing You Can Do About That1978Y
CB 318Steve HackettNarnia / Please Don't Touch1978Y
CB 319Peter GabrielD.I.Y. (remix) / Mother of Violence/Teddy Bear1978Y
CB 320RazarIdle Rich / One Room Doom1978Y
CB 321Steve JosephHolding Back the Tears / Day By Day By Day1978N
CB 322Blue MaxDream Machine / Murder at the Movies1978Y
CB 323Hawklords (Hawkwind)PSI Power / Death Trap1978Y
CB 324FerretsDon't Fall in Love / Lies1978Y
CB 325DazzlersPhonies / Kick Out1978Y
CB 326DarlingLooking Kinda Rock and Rolled / Dead End Kids1978Y
CB 327Levinsky/SinclairOnly Feel This Way / Home Is Where The Heart Is1979Y
CB 328Blue MaxFlying To Moscow / Photographing God1979Y
CB 329Dame Edna EverageEvery Mother Wants A Boy Like Elton / S&M Lady1978Y
CB 330DazzlersLovely Crash / Feeling In Your Heart1979Y
CB 331Steve JosephAvril My Love / Flight of the Aces1979Y
CB 332Hawklords (Hawkwind)25 Years / Only the Dead Dreams of the Cold War Kid1979Y
CB 333Link WrayIt's All Over Now Baby Blue / Just That Kind1979Y
CB 334Steve HackettEveryday / Lost Time In Cordoba1979Y
CB 335DarlingDo Ya Wanna / Stuck On You1979Y
CB 336Dame Edna EverageDisco Matilda (sing along with Dame Edna) / Disco Matilda (instrumental) (sing along without Dame Edna)1979Y
CB 337Bill LoveladyReggae For It Now / Reggae For Strings1979Y
CB 338DazzlersFeeling Free / No One Ever Knows1979Y
CB 339Peter HammillThe Polaroid (Rikki Nadir) / The Old School Tie1979Y
CB 340Brand XSoho / Dance of the Illegal Aliens1979Y
CB 341Steve HackettClocks-The Angel of Mons / Acoustic Set1979Y
CB 342DarlingVoice on the Radio / Save Me1979Y
CB 343Davis Brothers Garage BandLookin' For The Money / If I Need Anybody1979Y
CB 344Tony BanksFor A While / From the Undertow1979Y
CB 345The Word
(This is John Sinclair of Levinsky/Sinclair; see CB 404.)
The Naz / Cast Your Bread1979Y
CB 346VivabeatMan From China / On Patrol1979Y
CB 347Bill LoveladyOne More Reggae for the Road / On The Road1979Y
CB 348Steve JosephMemory / 18451979Y
CB 349Trimmer & JenkinsI Love Parties / Thank You Lord1979Y
CB 350Joan McGuinnessMother Theresa's Prayer / Give Us The Peace / Remember Me / Prayer Before Birth12/79N
CB 351Berlin (Australian band)Over 21 / Waiting for the Future1980Y
CB 352PhoenixJust Another Day / You Don't Fool Me1980Y
CB 353Mike RutherfordWorking in Line / Compression1980Y
CB 354Peter GabrielGames Without Frontiers / Start / I Don't Remember1/80Y
CB 355VivabeatMan From China(remix) / On Patrol (12" only)--
CB 356GenesisTurn It On Again / Behind the Lines (Part 2)3/80Y
CB 357Steve HackettThe Show / Hercules Unchained1980Y
CB 358Lee StirlingEarthquake, Landslide, Hurricane / Soul Music1980Y
CB 359PhoenixJuliet / I'm In Love1980Y
CB 360Peter GabrielNo Self Control / Lead A Normal Life5/80Y
CB 361Bill LoveladyShe Done Me In / Double Indemnity1980Y
CB 362Trimmer & JenkinsTimes Are Bad / A Is For Action Man1980Y
CB 363GenesisDuchess / Open Door5/80Y
CB 364Mike RutherfordTime and Time Again / Overnight Job
(label says "At The End of the Day", but most copies actually have "Overnight Job" instead)
CB 365Tony BanksFor A While / A Curious Feeling1980Y
CB 366Lezlek AlexanderIf I Had You / Soul Music1980Y
CB 367Nick Sherrif4th of July / I Like Girls1980Y
CB 368Steve HackettSentimental Institution / The Toast1980Y
CB 369GenesisMisunderstanding / Evidence of Autumn9/80Y
CB 370Peter GabrielBiko / Shosholoza / Jetzt Kommt Die Flut8/80Y
CBDJ 370Peter GabrielBiko(special edited version) / Shosholoza (promo)8/80Y
CB 371Unknown--N
CB 372The JuniorsDo You Love Me? / Babylon1980Y
CB 373Vivian StanshallTerry Keeps His Clips On / King Kripple1980Y
CB 374Monty PythonI Like Chinese / Finland / I Bet You They Won't Play This Song on the Radio1980Y
CB 375Nick SherrifThe Girls Are Out Tonight / At Midnight1980Y
CB 376St. Paul's Cathedral Boys ChoirSilent Night / Morning Has Broken / Nunc Dimittis12/80Y
CB 377Jim RaffertyThe Bogeyman / Salt Lake City1980Y
CB 378Naughty CultureOnce Upon A Time / Doing OK (Anchors Away)1981Y
CB 379Bill LoveladyHouse of the Rising Sun / Façade1981Y
CB 380CimarronsReady For Love / So Real1981Y
CB 381Naughty CultureSomeday Sunday / T.B.A.1981Y
CB 382Vivian StanshallCalypso to Colapso / Smoke Signals at Night1981Y
CB 383Afraid of MiceI'm On Fire / Down in the Dark1981Y
CB 384Rick WakemanJulia / Sorry1981Y
CB 385Steve HackettHope I Don't Wake / Tales of the Riverbank1981Y
CB 386Harvest MoonTales of Wonder / Take A Dream1981Y
CB 387The DesperadoesBrazil / Don't Leave Me This Way1981Y
CB 388GenesisAbacab / Another Record8/81Y
CB 389Afraid of MiceIntercontinental / What Shall We Do1981Y
CB 390Steve HackettPicture Postcard / Second Chance1981Y
CB 391GenesisKeep It Dark / Naminanu10/81Y
CB 392Rick WakemanRobot Man / 1984 Overture1981Y
CB 393GenesisMan on the Corner / Submarine3/82Y
CB 394She SherriffI Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know About Him / This House is For Let1982Y
CB 395Afraid of MicePopstar / What I Want1981Y
CB 396Unknown--N
CB 397Afraid of MiceTransparents / That's Not True1982Y
CB 398Afraid of MiceAt The Club / I Will Wait (live)1982Y
CB 39924 HoursSiberian Sid / Witch Doctor1982Y
CB 400Pen and InkBe Bop A Lula / Friday Night Flash Guy1982Y
CB 40124 HoursShipwrecked / Rescued1982Y
CB 402Unknown--N
CB 403Little TomIt's Not Unusual / You Never Told Me1982Y
CB 404John Sinclair
(From the duo Levinsky/Sinclair; does anyone know Levinsky's first name?)
The Naz / Straight from the Heart
(A-side is the same track as on CB 345)
CB 405Peter GabrielI Have the Touch / Across the River1982Y
CB 406La LaJolie Fille d'Alger / Adieu Paris / Jolie Fille d'Alger (version anglaise)1983Y
CB 407KineticsKeeping Up With the Joneses / Ghost A You1983Y
CB 408Unknown--N
CB 409Lindisfarne / Clifford T. WardClear White Light / The Traveller1983N
CB 410The OppositionMy Room Is White / Life's Blood
(Another source claims that this record was 12" only. Can anyone definitively advise as to whether there was a 7" version of this title?)
CB 411Rick WakemanTheme from G'Ole! / No Possibla1983Y
CB 411The Hank Wangford BandGhost Herd(Riders in the Sky) / Pain In My Wrist1983Y
The above two listings are correct -- the number CB 411 was indeed used twice. The Rick Wakeman single was the last one released through Phonogram, with The Hank Wangford Band being among the first released through Virgin.
CB 412Alexis KornerBeirut / Mean Fool1984Y
CB 413Unknown--N
CB 414Peter HammillJust Good Friends / Just Good Friends (instrumental)1985Y
CB EP 415Tony BanksYou Call This Victory / Redwing / Lion of Symmetry1985Y
CB 416Mercy RayShe'll Be Home Later Tonight / She's Happy1985Y
CB 417Unknown--N
CB 418Unknown--N
CB 419Unknown--N
CB 420Julian LennonStick Around / Always Think Twice1986Y
CB 421Keep It DarkDreamer / Outsider1986Y
CB 422Keep It DarkDon't Surrender / Far From Home1986Y
CB 423Julian LennonThis Is My Day / Everyday1986Y
CB 424Twelfth NightShame / Blue Powder Monkey1986Y
CB 425Twelfth NightTake A Look / Blondon Fair
This is a different version of "Blondon Fair" from what appeared on the 12" single. The latter has subsequently appeared on CD, but the master tapes of the 7" version have been lost. Your humble Famous Charisma Label Museum curator provided a recording of it to the band a few years ago.)
CB 426Tony Banks & FishShortcut To Somewhere / Smilin' Jack Casey1986Y

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