[Classics Series brochure]

Charisma Classics Series (1982-84)
This was a series of budget priced reissues of classic Charisma LPs. The image above is the front of a brochure advertising the series. There were no corresponding US reissues. I do not collect this series.

CHC 1The NiceElegy8/82
CHC 2Peter HammillFool's Mate8/82
CHC 3Brand XProduct8/82
CHC 4AudienceThe House on the Hill8/82
CHC 5Van der Graaf GeneratorThe Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other8/82
CHC 6Rare BirdSympathy8/82
CHC 7LindisfarneLindisfarne Live8/82
CHC 8Bo HanssonMagician's Hat8/82
CHC 9Patrick MorazStory of i8/82
CHC 10Hawklords (Hawkwind)25 Years On8/82
CHC 11Alan Parsons ProjectTales of Mystery & Imagination:Edgar Allan Poe3/83
CHC 12GenesisTrespass3/83
CHC 13Van der Graaf GeneratorGodbluff3/83
CHC 14HawkwindAstounding Sounds, Amazing Music3/83
CHC 15Steve HackettDefector3/83
CHC 16Alan HullPipe Dream3/83
CHC 17Monty PythonThe Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python & the Holy Grail3/83
CHC 18Barry HumphriesHousewife Superstar3/83
CHC 19Peter HammillNadir's Big Chance3/83
CHC 20Jo'burg HawkJo'burg Hawk3/83
CHC 21Steve HackettCured3/84
CHC 22GenesisNursery Cryme3/84
CHC 23GenesisGenesis Live3/84
CHC 24Peter GabrielPeter Gabriel (II)3/84
CHC 25HawkwindPXR 53/84
CHC 26Sir John BetjemanBetjeman's Banana Blush1984
CHC 27Sir John BetjemanBetjeman's Britain1984
CHC 28Sir John BetjemanLate Flowering Love1984
CHC 29Sir John BetjemanVarsity Rag1984
CHC 30The NiceFive Bridges1984
CHC 31LindisfarneNicely out of Tune1984
CHC 32Van der GraafThe Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome1984
CHC 33Peter HammillIn Camera1984
CHC 34Monty PythonMonty Python's Contractual Obligation Album1984
CHC 35Bell + ArcBell + Arc1984
CHC 36AudienceLunch1984
CHC 37Clifford T. WardMantle Pieces1984
CHC 38GenesisFoxtrot1984
CHC 39Peter GabrielPeter Gabriel (I)1984
CHC 40Steve HackettHighly Strung1984
CHC 41Rick Wakeman19841984
Note:Some sources suggest that CHC 41 did not exist, and some insist that it was an Atomic Rooster LP.However, I have a UK release sheet from a supplier used by a friend's import/export company at the time, and this release sheet indicates the above Rick Wakeman title as CHC 41. Believe who you will until someone comes up with a copy!!1984

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