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Charisma Perspective Series (1972-73, 1976)

Repeated numbers below are not mistakes -- three numbers in this series were used for a second time in August, 1976. The "?" Column indicates whether or not I have a copy of the record in my collection (Yes/No).

CS 1The NiceAutumn '67 - Spring '686/72CharismaY
CS 2Van der Graaf Generator'68 - '716/72N/RY
CS 3Liverpool SceneRecollections7/72N/RY
CS 3Various ArtistsSummit Meeting8/76N/RY
CS 4The GroupFunny Game, Football9/72N/RY
CS 4Rare BirdSympathy8/76N/RY
CS 5Steeleye SpanIndividually & Collectively10/72N/RY
CS 5Capability BrownLiar8/76N/RY
CS 6Andy RobertsAndy Roberts1/73AmpexY
CS 7AudienceYou Can't Beat 'Em1/73N/RY
CS 8The CreationThe Creation '66 - '677/73N/RY
CS 9Atomic RoosterAssortment9/73N/RY
DCS 10Orson WellesWar of the Worlds (1938 radio broadcast)8/73LonginesY
DCS 11Various ArtistsThe Golden Age of Comedy8/73N/RY
CS 12Steeleye SpanAlmanack11/73N/RY

Charisma Class Series - Live Albums & Compilations (1973-82)

Repeated number below is not a mistake -- CLASS 5 was used for a second time in November, 1977. Perhaps they forgot where they had left off...

CLASS 1GenesisGenesis Live7/73CharismaY
CLASS 2LindisfarneLindisfarne Live7/73N/RY
CLASS 3Various ArtistsOne More Chance4/74N/RY
CLASS 4Monty PythonMonty Python Live at Drury Lane4/74N/RY
CLASS 5Various ArtistsCharisma Keyboards4/74N/RY
CLASS 5Brand XLivestock11/77PassportY
CLASS 6Bert JanschAvocet2/79Kicking MuleY
CLASS 7DazzlersFeeling Free10/79N/RY
CLASS 8Various ArtistsHeat From The Street3/81N/RY
CLASS 9Unknown---N
CLASS 10Trimmer & JenkinsThe Fantastic Trimmer & Jenkins Live from London's
Fabulous Comic Strip
CLASS 11The DesperadoesThe Desperadoes7/81N/RY
CLASS 12Rick WakemanThe Burning - Original Soundtrack2/82VareseY

Charisma Repeat Performance Series - Compilations (1980-81)

BG 1Various ArtistsThe Charisma Repeat Performance9/80N/RY
BG 2HawkwindRepeat Performance9/80N/RY
BG 3Van der Graaf GeneratorRepeat Performance9/80N/RY
BG 4Unknown(This number is believed to have been assigned to an unreleased Genesis compilation.)--N
BG 5LindisfarneRepeat Performance5/81N/RY

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