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PRE Label - Singles
PRE was a short-lived subsidiary through which Charisma released mostly reggae and new wave. The "?" Column indicates whether or not I have a copy of the record in my collection (Yes/No).

PRE 1Gregory IsaacsHappy Anniversary1980N
PRE 2ScarsThey Came and Took Her / Romance By Mail2/80Y
PRE 3Manicured NoiseMetronome / Moscow 19802/80N
PRE 4Little NellBeauty Queen / Slow Version1980N
PRE 5ScarsLove Song / Psychomodo1980Y
PRE 6Manicured NoiseFaith / Freetime6/80Y
PRE 7TuxedomoonScream With A View EP: Nervous Guys / Where Interests Lie / Special Treatment for the Family Man / Midnite Stroll1980N
PRE 8Gregory IsaacsPoor And Clean / Tribute To Waddy1980N
PRE 9The ResidentsCommercial Single
8 one-minute songs
PRE 10TuxedomoonDark Companion / 59 To 110/80N
PRE 11Prince Far I & Kongo Ashantie Roy83 Struggle / Weeping Wailing
Side A is a duet listed as "Prince Far I & Ashantie Roy"; Side B is a solo track listed as "Kongo Ashantie Roy." Other releases spell the latter's name as "Congo" rather than "Kongo." See for label scans.
PRE 12Unknown--N
PRE 13Unknown--N
PRE 14ScarsAll About You / Author! Author!3/81Y
PRE 15Congo Ashantie Roy /
Prince Far I
Big Shot / Put It Out
This was a Double A-side single with one track by each artist, though the matrix numbers reveal the Congo Ashantie Roy track to be the true A-side.
PRE 16Delta 5Shadows / Leaving6/81Y
PRE 17Unknown--N
PRE 18Monochrome Set10 Don'ts For Honeymooners / Straits of Malacca7/81Y
PRE 19Gregory IsaacsFront Door / Substitute6/81Y
PRE 20Gregory IsaacsPermanent Lover9/81N
PRE 21The Weatherman & FriendsLife / On The Borderline3/82Y
PRE 22Twenty Inches at the KneeSpy in the House of Love / Time and Again4/82Y
PRE 23Robert KingPaper Heart / Theme For Love1982N
PRE 24Delta 5Power Lines / The Heart is a Lonely Hunter8/82Y
PRE 25Steve Walsh
Edge of Night / The Driver1982N

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