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Specialty Numbers - Singles
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ABEL 121 StrangersMore Cain Than Abel / I Wanna Cry1985Y
CITY 001Afraid of MiceWhat About Me/Taking it Easy (live flexidisc)1982Y
LYN 10437Afraid of MicePop Star/Bad News/Taking It Easy/Important Man
flexidisc sampler of LP tracks
FS 1Alan Parsons ProjectTales of Mystery & Imagination: The Alan Parsons Commercial
A rather odd promo single with three short spots, apparently intended as radio commercials, each featuring a different LP track
BCP 1AudienceYou're Not Smiling/Eye To Eye-N
BANKS 1Tony BanksThis Is Love/Charm1983Y
BANKS 2Tony BanksAnd the Wheels Keep Turning (remix)/Man of Spells1983Y
BRAND 1Brand XSun in the Night/Disco Suicide (promo only?)1977Y
BCP7Capability Brown /
Liar /
Nightmare (promo)
BD1Brian Davison's Every Which Way
label reads "Every WITCH Way"!!
Go Placidly/The Light (promo)1970Y
SHOCK 1Peter GabrielShock the Monkey/Soft Dog9/82Y
SHOCKPD 1Peter GabrielShock the Monkey/Soft Dog (picturedisc)9/82N
GAB 1Peter GabrielI Don't Remember(live)/Solsbury Hill(live)6/83Y
GS1GenesisLooking For Someone/Visions of Angels (promo)1970N
No numberGenesisTwilight Alehouse (flexidisc)1974Y
GEN 001GenesisSpot the Pigeon EP: Match of the Day/Pigeons/Inside and Out5/77Y
GEN 1Genesis3x3 EP: Paperlate/You Might Recall/Me and Virgil5/82Y
GEN PD1Genesis3x3 EP: Paperlate/You Might Recall/Me and Virgil (picturedisc)5/82Y
JBGEN1GenesisPaperlate/You Might Recall (jukebox promo)5/82Y
MAMA 1GenesisMama/It's Gonna Get Better8/83Y
TATA 1GenesisThat's All/Taking It All Too Hard11/83Y
TATAY 1GenesisThat's All/Taking It All Too Hard (shaped picturedisc)11/83Y
AL 1GenesisIllegal Alien/Turn It On Again(live)2/84Y
ALS 1GenesisIllegal Alien/Turn It On Again(live) (shaped picturedisc)2/84N
BCP 2Carol Grimes & Delivery /
Rock 'n Roll All-Stars
I Donít Wanna Discuss It /
I'm Walking (B&C, promo)
CELL 1Steve HackettCell 151/Time Lapse at Milton Keynes3/83Y
PH 001Peter HammillCrying Wolf/This Side of the Looking Glass (promo)1977Y
HB 1HannibalWinds Of Change/Winter (B&C, promo)1970N
HL 001Hawklords (Hawkwind)PSI Power/Death Trap (promo edition)1978Y
JH1Jackson HeightsDoubting Thomas/Insomnia (promo)1970Y
PJ 1Phil JonesThis Mirror/How Would You Feel1983Y
PJ 2Phil JonesWhat About Me/Bingo1983Y
JL 1Julian LennonToo Late For Goodbyes/Well I Don't Know9/84Y
JLY 1Julian LennonToo Late For Goodbyes/Well I Don't Know (picturedisc)9/84N
JL 2Julian LennonValotte/Let Me Be12/84Y
JLS 2Julian LennonValotte/Let Me Be (shaped picturedisc)12/84N
JL 3Julian LennonSay You're Wrong/BeBop2/85Y
VAD 1Julian LennonMidnight Smoke/The Vanishing (excerpt)
From Mike Batt's "Hunting of the Snark" musical
JACK 1Jackie LevenLove is Shining Down On Me/Great Spirit Calls1983Y
JACK 2Jackie LevenUptown/Tropic of Cool1984Y
MALC 1Malcolm McLarenBuffalo Gals/Buffalo Gals(traditional)11/82Y
MALC 2Malcolm McLarenSoweto/Zulu's on a Time Bomb2/83Y
MALC 3Malcolm McLarenDouble Dutch/She's Looking Like A Hobo6/83Y
MALC 4Malcolm McLarenDuck For The Oyster/Legba12/83Y
MALC 5Malcolm McLarenMadam Butterfly/First Couple Out8/84Y
MALCS 5Malcolm McLarenMadam Butterfly/First Couple Out (shaped picturedisc)8/84Y
MALC 6Malcolm McLarenCarmen/Carmen(instrumental)1984Y
MALC 7Malcolm McLarenDuck Rock Cheer/Boys Chorus1985Y
MP 001Monty PythonOn Song (set of 2 singles)1976Y
No numberMonty PythonTeach Yourself Heath (flexidisc)1972Y
SO 1259Monty PythonMonty Python's Tiny Black Round Thing (flexidisc)1974Y
OPPS 1The OppositionStranded/Shadow Boxing1984Y
OPPS 2The OppositionInnocent/War Games1984Y
OPPS 3The OppositionFive Minutes/Sand and Glue1984Y
OPPS 4The OppositionSomeone to Talk To/If She'd Only Heard of Ray Charles1985Y
RAY 1Mercy RayYou Really Got To Me/I Wanna Know Your Name1983Y
RCS 1Rock Steady CrewHey You, The Rock Steady Crew/instrumental version9/83Y
RCS 2Rock Steady CrewUp Rock/instrumental version4/84Y
RCS 3Rock Steady CrewShe's Fresh/Digital Boogie8/84N
CAFE 1Sad CafeKeep Us Together/Hold Out1983Y
CAFE 2Sad CafeWhy Do You Love Me Like You Do/It's So Easy1984Y
AW 001Adrian WagnerChasquis/Virgins of the Sun
Also released as CB 313
PLUM 1Darryl WayLittle Plum/Love is the Driver11/84Y
TEAM 1World's Famous Supreme TeamHey DJ2/84Y

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