[Monty Python label]

US Charisma LPs: Charisma/Buddah 1972-73
The "?" Column indicates whether or not I have a copy of the record in my collection (Yes/No).

CAS 1037Peter HammillFool's Mate1972Y
CAS 1049Monty PythonAnother Monty Python Record1972Y
CAS 1051Van der Graaf GeneratorPawn Hearts1972Y
CAS 1052GenesisNursery Cryme1972Y
CAS 1055SpreadeagleThe Piece of Paper1972Y
CAS 1056Capability BrownFrom Scratch1972Y
CAS 1058GenesisFoxtrot1972Y
CAS 1059Bo HanssonLord of the Rings1972Y
CAS 1062String Driven ThingString Driven Thing1972Y
CAS 1063Monty PythonMonty Python's Previous Record1972Y
CAS 1The NiceAutumn to Spring
This is the same as the UK release entitled "Autumn 67 - Spring 68"
CADS 101Various ArtistsMusic From Free Creek (2LP)1973Y
CAS 1666GenesisGenesis Live1973Y

US Charisma LPs: Charisma/Atlantic 1973-74

FC 6060GenesisSelling England by the Pound1973Y
FC 6061Clifford T. WardHome Thoughts1973Y
FC 6062Bo HanssonMagician's Hat1973Y
FC 6063String Driven ThingThe Machine That Cried1973Y
FC 6064Unknown--N
FC 6065Clifford T. WardMantle Pieces1974Y
FC 6066RefugeeRefugee1974Y

US Charisma LPs: Charisma/Polygram 1978-80
Some of the missing numbers in this series are LPs released by Charisma in Canada which were either not released at all in America or released by other labels.

CA-1-2201Patrick MorazPatrick Moraz (III)1978Y
CA-1-2202Peter HammillThe Future Now1978Y
CA-1-2203Hawklords (Hawkwind)25 Years On1978Y
CA-1-2204DarlingPut It Down To Experience
Canada only -- see US release details below
CA-1-2205Peter HammillpH71979Y
CA-1-2207Tony BanksA Curious Feeling1979Y
CA-1-2208PhoenixIn Full View1979Y
CA-1-2209Brand XProduct
Canada only -- released on Passport in the US
CA-2-2701GenesisNursery Cryme/Foxtrot (2LP reissue)1979Y
CL-1-3101UnknownThis number is believed to have been assigned to Peter Gabriel's third album; instead, the original US release of that LP ended up on the Mercury label, Charisma's US distributor at the time.
CL-1-3102VivabeatParty in the War Zone1980Y
CL-1-3103Steve HackettDefector1980Y
CL-1-3104DarlingPut It Down To Experience1980Y

Canadian Charisma LPs 1980-81
The CA-1-2200 numbering series continued in Canada,
and these are the ones I know about.

CA-1-2212Mike RutherfordSmallcreep's Day1980Y
CA-1-2213Brand XDo They Hurt?1980N
CA-1-2214Steve HackettDefector1980N
CA-1-2215Peter GabrielPeter Gabriel (III)1980Y
CA-1-2216Monty PythonContractual Obligation Album1980N
CA-1-2217Rick Wakeman19841981Y

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