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US Singles: Charisma/Buddah
The "?" Column indicates whether or not I have a copy of the record in my collection (Yes/No).

CAR 100The Magic LanternCountry Woman / Pa Bradley1972Y
CAR 101Capability BrownLiar / Redman1972Y
CAR 102String Driven ThingCircus / My Real Hero1972Y
CAR 103GenesisWatcher of the Skies / Willow Farm1972Y
CAR 104Bo HanssonBlack Riders-Flight to the Ford / Wandering Song1972Y
CMP-EPMonty PythonThe Least Bizarre Bits of Monty Python's Comedy Album (EP)1972Y

US Singles: Charisma/Atlantic

FC 26001Clifford T. WardGaye1973Y
FC 26002GenesisI Know What I Like / Twilight Alehouse1973Y

US Singles: Charisma/Polygram

CAS-701Hawklords (Hawkwind)PSI Power / Death Trap1978Y
CAS-702Levinsky/SinclairOnly Feel This Way1978Y
PRO 077Hawklords (Hawkwind)PSI Power (12" promo)1978Y
PRO 075Patrick MorazRealization (12" promo)1978Y
CA-3501DarlingVoice on the Radio1979Y
CA-3502The WordThe Naz1979Y
CA-3503Tony BanksFor A While1979Y
CA-3504PhoenixJust Another Day1979Y
Peter GabrielGames Without Frontiers / Lead A Normal Life
Canadian issue, duplicating the track coupling of the US Mercury issue rather than the one on all known European Charisma editions
CS-301VivabeatMan From China / On Patrol 1980Y
MK-145VivabeatMan From China (12" promo)1980Y

Variations From Other Countries

CEP 303Peter GabrielI Don't Remember / Shosholoza / Biko / Jetzt Kommt Die Flut (12" single)1980CanadaY
6000 449Peter GabrielSpiele Ohne Grenzen / Jetzt Kommt Die Flut1980GermanyY
6000 876Peter GabrielSchock den Affen / Soft Dog1982GermanyY
6200 042Peter GabrielWallflower / Kiss of Life1982HollandY
AS 5000 634Peter GabrielShock The Monkey / King Crimson track (jukebox promo)1982ItalyN
AS 216GenesisWatcher of the Skies / Rod Stewart track (jukebox promo)1972ItalyY
AS 219GenesisHappy The Man / Slade track (jukebox promo)1972ItalyY
AS 283GenesisCounting Out Time / Mai Lai track (jukebox promo)1974ItalyY
6073 378GenesisRipples / It's Yourself1976ItalyY
6073 381GenesisEntangled / A Trick of the Tail1976FranceN
6837 452GenesisSupper's Ready(extract) / The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (live)1977FranceN
AS 5000 565GenesisTurn It On Again / Antonello Venditti track (jukebox promo)1980ItalyY
AS 5000 595GenesisAbacab / Alberto Fortis track (jukebox promo)1981ItalyY
AS 5000 598Steve HackettHope I Don't Wake / Jean Michel Jarre track (jukebox promo)1981ItalyY
6073 338Peter HammillRed Shift (Part 1) / Red Shift (Part 2)1973ItalyY
1211 200Peter HammillIf I Could / The Future Now1978CanadaY
6073 377Dennis NealBluebird / Move With The Light1976New ZealandY
6837 441Van der GraafCat's Eye / Ship of Fools1977FranceY

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