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Charisma Records was a British record company which existed from 1969-86, and here you will find detailed discographies and other information about the company and its artists. I enjoy hearing from people who want to "talk Charisma" and will be happy to try to answer questions.

If you recorded for Charisma or B&C, even if it was just one single or unreleased sessions, I would like to hear your story! I'd love to hear your reminiscences and am also interested in your "post-Charisma" life.

I would also like to hear from anyone who worked for or was otherwise associated with either company in any capacity!

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  • CAS Series- The majority of Charisma UK releases

  • CDS Series- Most releases by better known artists, 1976-81

  • Perspective Series, Class Series & Repeat Performance Series- mostly compilations & live albums

  • Specialty Numbers- most later albums by better known artists

  • Charisma Classics Series- budget reissues

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  • A Brief History of Charisma
  • About B&C Records
  • A 1979 Trouser Press Collector's Magazine article about Charisma
  • CAS 1004 discovered!!
  • An exclusive reminiscence from Chris Lewis, vocalist & lyricist on The Fall of Hyperion by Robert John Godfrey
  • An exclusive reminiscence of Tony Stratton Smith by Chris Adams, founder of String Driven Thing
  • Phil Collins recalls the recording of Charlie Drake's Charisma single
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    This page now has links to artist information, and as time permits I will add more. I will include links to any artist websites that I know about. If you have information about an obscure Charisma or B&C artist, please share it with me! I will credit you on the Acknowledgements page.

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    People are always asking me where to find rare items. Here are some suggestions! If you use these links and buy something, I will earn a small commission which will go toward the cost of maintaining this site. Of course, you are still more than welcome to write to me with questions about rare records!

    For rare items, there is no better place to look than GEMM, where you can search the catalogs of music sellers from all over the world.

    For items that are currently available, try

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    DISCLAIMER: I am not a record company or A&R man. I am a music historian and record collector and have no connection to Charisma, Virgin, EMI, or any related entities. This website is a tribute to a record company that released its final records in 1986, so don't ask me where to send your demo tape unless you just feel like sending me some free music!

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